Night before Christchurch

27 Sep

Well it’s 12.30am, I need to get some sleep as I need to be up at 6am to catch my plane. The only thing that sucks (apart from getting up EARLY) is the face that Daylight Savings is not in place; crap. My time co-ordination is completely out of whack now! Well it’s about to be anyway.

I had a bit of a do on Friday night with Jamie, Ryan and Sheree which was cool. Went to bed at 4am, then Meredith came over on Saturday morning and dropped me off at work after a few hours’ sleep. Which was ok, i coped. I DID NOT LIKE the fact that I only got ONE break in 6 hours. That was horrible. My back really hurt! I think I prefer working at night because it’s a cooler atmosphere than during the day.
I finished work after 9.30 (as I had to do some work-related things) and headed home. I’ve packed my bags and right now everything is charging (iPod Touch, Phone 1, Phone 2, Macbook Pro) and yeah.

Flight leaves at 8am, so I need to be there at 7.30 I think? It doesn’t say when I need to be there. I hope I get there in time anyways. REAL excited about going because I’ve never been in the North Island before. Plus it’s all about film. I’m going to be with some of the best film students in NZ; intimidating!

Non-related stuff:
Twitter: I changed my twitter username to something different so it no longer  “represented” my name. Feels less formal. But if there are any tweets that are stupid, don’t sound like me and/or relate to Damien, relax and learn to laugh a bit. And stop stalking/reporting everything to my parents. God I’m not 12.

The Cult: The BEST show made my New Zealand on TV right now. Sure, Outrageous Fortune is the best COMEDY show, but this really takes the cake in terms of it’s storyline, and polished editing + camerawork. It’s world class, and only on TV2. Thursdays at 8.30pm.

Right – time to sleep. Up in a few hour. Goodnight! See you round… =D


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