Sione’s Wedding: Screening for Samoa

10 Oct

Tonight I headed along to the fundraiser screening of “Sione’s Wedding” at SKYCITY Cinemas (St Lukes & Manukau) and it was a really good night! We got there a bit early and I had a few words to Tamar before the stars arrived. I first talked to Alision who pays Yvonne Jeffries on Shortland Street, and she remembered me from the Shortland Street 15th Birthday Party when I spilt wine on her dress. Oops, haha! Will Hall was also there; he played E.D Doctor Kip Denton on the show. He was signing photos of himself so I grabbed one! I didn’t think about getting a photo with him, but I did get one with Ben Mitchell (TK Samuels on the show) and later Amanda Billing (Sarah Potts).

I had a chat with Antonia Prebble, who is of course Loretta West on Outrageous Fortune! We talked about SPP and as my friend said, it was so weird seeing her wearing pink! We’re so used to seeing her in black (ie. Loretta’s wedding where she had a black dress). I grabbed a photo with Shane Cortez (Hayden Peters) and Kirk Torrance (Wayne Judd), and then Antonia signed a cast photo for me. Fleur Saville signed a photo too, and gave me a shell necklace from Tonga which was cool! Alision signed the back of her photo with “Glad to catch up with you again – it’s been awhile!”

Some of the stars and some volunteers carried little buckets with them around the mall and when you donated a coin, you got given a raffle ticket. I ended up with 7 and the raffle was drawn at 6.20pm at the cinema – I won the “ISLAND STYLZ PACK” worth $100! That was cool and Will (Kip) called out “Guess it was worth the trip then!” haha!
In the pack there’s a bro’Town DVD, shirt and postcards, as well as DVD’s on Sione’s Wedding and Diplomatic Immunity.

The film was good to see again and just before it screened, the main cast came down to the front of the theatre and said their thanks to everyone before leaving. There was not a massive crowd at the screening; so I do hope that they managed to fundraise a decent amount to send to Samoa’s aid. All in all, it was a good night and I’m really glad I came up for it =]

P.S: Kirk, as well as a few others asked where my shirt was from! It was $30 from Hallensteins =]


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