When life was simple

17 Nov

Not too long ago, classes were small and we’d sit on the mat while the teacher sat next to a mini-whiteboard setup “ie. teachers station” drawing with markers and making sure everyone had their legs crossed. Mrs. Rankine was annoyed at me in the begining – I had never crossed my legs while sitting and I wasn’t about to start now! Eventually I got the hang of it – I just wasn’t used to it and would rather have sat or laid down, in a straight line.

Not too long ago, we’d listen to cassette tapes or radio, in little tape players made from colourful plastic with a little mic attached. Some even sang along to the music with the mic! The tapes would either have the coolest bands (‘NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Five, Spice Girls..) or nursery rhymes and stories (Georgie Porgy….etc). We’d also have cakes of soap – liquid soap was rare and strange, you’d question whether it actually cleaned your hands or not!!

Not too long ago, most of the kids were innocent and got along; there were no jocks or emos, no one was ever nasty. There were playground fights, but this was usually over who “owned the bars” or who could “dance with Alicia at the disco”. We all wanted to be policemen and fire fighters, or maybe even teachers.

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago, but in reality all of this was about 10-12 years ago. Crazy. How did we grow up so fast?! Everyone’s out going to parties and getting drunk and whatever. When I was about 8, I used to think life was slow and really wanted to be a teenager because it seemed like it so much better. And it is; but I can’t help but miss some of the simple things you know? Not having to worry about money and exams and social stuff was great. And mostly, everyone got along and was mates. Now everyone’s grouped up and you never talk to the higher groups. Well, you might occasionally but that’s only when they want to copy your homework or whatever.

One year of school left. And I bet in 10 years time, again I’ll look back and think life was more simple now. In 50 years, I’ll be complaining to my kids about how we once had cellphones and iPods, and the internet – they’ll probably have chips in their heads and being silly old buggers we would never go along with that and would perter the old-fashioned methods (mobile phone).

Hmmm. Life is short.


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