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2010 – so far

10 Jan

2009 must have been a stepping stone up to something much greater. The new year is only ten days in, and already I have been to and tried so many different things! Visiting Rotorua yesterday was amazing – had so much fun going on the Luge and checking out the thermal spots around the city. The museum there is stunning. On the way back we stopped at the giant Te Puke kiwifruit, before hanging around at The Mount to have fish & chips at the beach and then head to the summer carnival. Omg so much fun haha – I went on three rides, saving the best for last – that huge super loop thing! Ahhhh! That rocked =D
Oh there was also the L&P bottle in Paeroa and the toliets that talk back to you.

I always thought I was mature for my age. And you can say that is vein of me to stay, which is true but I think self importance is…important. You have to view yourself as having some place in the world, and by seeing yourself as a strong being who knows what they want in life is how you will get it. Over the last ten days I have grown up a huge amount. You might not notice it, but I sure know it and so do a few people. I feel more independent and not as reliant. I’m thinking differently about things and making sacrifices. I’m considering the consequences of my actions.

I’m going to be heading back to New Plymouth today  – I’ve got a lot to do over the next few weeks and some big decisions to make. There’s so much for me to do up here (especially film wise – ahh!) and so little in New Plymouth. So I don’t know. I need to do what’s best for me.


Everything is never as it seems

5 Jan

Welcome to 2010! haha!
I can feel already that this is going to be a great year. My agent is now representing me as an adult actor which exposes me to a larger pool of casting directors and productions. Love it! Christmas was nice, Mum & Dad loved their present! I didn’t want to get something that meant nothing or something that was just picked up off a shelf. So I created a book with that was like a journal of my life so far. News articles, images, stories I’ve written and some facts about me were all complied into the 40 page hardcover book which a lot of people have been impressed by! Im so glad I did it, they really liked it.

At the moment I’m staying with the Millwood family in Hamilton. Kim invited me to stay with them so I have since the 1st of Jan and I love it up here. I was really sick last week which meant I lost a lot of work but I don’t want to go into that. I’ve had such a blast up here! There’s even a nice sexy Countdown down the road – I might take a photo later 😉
It’s just me and Cadell here at the moment as everyone else is sleeping or working, but the Cat is glaring at me from the windowsil. I went to Spookers in Auckland and have seen half a doz movies already and I TOTALLY RECOMEND Paranormal Activity. Omg amazing film. I think the fact that it was presented as a home movie is what got me – and I’ve done some reading up about the movie on Wikipedia which has been interesting.

I did head home yesterday (Monday) because I had work but ended up coming back here afterwards! LOL but totally loving it. It’s such a nice break away from family and New Plymouth.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all thats going on. I’m not even worried about NCEA results due out very soon…..