Three Months in Hamilton

29 Mar

Tomorrow marks three months since I moved to Hamilton!
It’s a weird feeling because it feels like I have lived here for much longer than that, but it also feels like I only left New Plymouth yesterday. I did plan on going back over the school holidays but I have so much going on (and plus I couldn’t get time off work) so I’ll try to make it another time! But happy birthday to both Dad and Jeremy who will be celebrating their birthdays during April – yay =)

I’ve been working slowly on a new film project called Milliwood. It’s based on Kim (my flatmate) who is just the funniest person ever. I’ve got everyone sorted I just need to sit down with Kim and go over a plan for maybe three episodes? I think that’s enough for a TuiKiwi Production series anyway. In any case, it’s going to be FANTASTIC! I still want to do another episode of Pure Modesty too.

Oooh – Dad just texted me this morning saying there was a package waiting for me at the school office. My first thought was “Did he mean to send this to Jeremy?” because Mum & Dad aren’t linked to my school file here (well they are now as I did it today), so they wouldn’t know if there was something here for me! Then I thought Dad sent something to the school. Turns out, he was actually waiting there for me! That was a awesome surprise!! We went for a drive to my place and then to Chartwell to grab some lunch. It was a short meeting – but it was so good to see Dad again =)

School’s going well. I’ve got this media assignment which is putting a bit of pressure on me but I’ve got until Term 2 so I’m not panicing – yet. English is good and I’m enjoying Legal Studies and Psychology – and speaking of, I have an assessment for that tomorrow! Hm. I was up until 2am with Kim studying for that!
Despite thinking Fairfield College would be a rough school (granted the school does not have the resources and money NPBHS does), I’ve learnt a lot from the teachers who are so down to earth and I’m in with a great bunch of students! Sigourney is one of my best friends here and I will have to post a photo of us on here sometime! Have to make special mentions here of Logie, Logan and Kath too 😛

Anyway, I’m at school now so should go and do somework! Make sure you add me on Facebook (if you know me personally) and/or follow my twitter account: nztk is my username.

Cya! =D


2 Responses to “Three Months in Hamilton”

  1. sigourneysway 30 March, 2010 at 11:02 PM #

    Hey my awesome bestie Kylie!
    I love this post, your just so down to earth and thats why you are just so funny and awesome.
    Thank you so much for my special mention! It means so much to me along with you!

    Hope you have a splendid sleep and I shall see you tomorrow at school!

    Nighty Night!

  2. Logie 30 March, 2010 at 11:19 PM #

    We’re lucky to have you. 🙂

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