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Ahh Hamiltons a Blast

17 Jun

Righto so tonight I found out I can be horrid to shop with – sometimes.
The problem was tonight I was freaking out because I lost track of how much I had clocked up while shopping and wasn’t sure if I could afford it. Then I realised I didn’t have everything I needed and got all confused and annoyed and bah. It was not fun. But luckily for me, Paul was very helpful and we ended up going around and adding up prices so I felt better and yay. I guess the moral of this story is you really do need to Shop Smarter.

I’m looking forward to going to the ball this weekend with my bestie, Sigourney. I hang with her a lot in and out of school (I have a smaller selection of friends at school these days but that doesn’t bother me, I’m cool). It’s going to be my first ball ever so it’s very exciting for me =)

My 18th! Haha it’s coming very soon, and ahh! It means my restricted license, it means studylink (finanical assistance which will be an amazing help as it’s not easy living away from home), it means CLUBBING and it will feel like a huge weight off my shoulders. And I can’t wait for my party on the 24th, that will be so exciting. I’m having my big shindig down in the good old Naki, and the cool thing is I’ve invited a lot of people from my past as well as people I still know well so I can reconnect with everyone and be with my family at the same time.

So there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening for me right now. I love my current independence, my job with Countdown and the union, my relationship and my amazing friends who I couldn’t live without (special mention Brialee and Sigourney).

Oooh, also coming up is Union Training (tomorrow and Friday), Kiwihost (Some kind of Gateway students course), and TOPS course (Lotto Qualification). I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned or not, but I finally got my certificate from the Open Polytechnic for my Certificate in Customer Relations that I studied last year. I’m not working on my Certificate in Supermarket Retail (Stage 1) though the Retail Institute. By the end of 2010, I should have a few more certificates/qualifications to add to my CV so yay =)

Anyway, I miss you New Plymouth. I miss my family, my amazing friends (I miss my group at school! Fairfield is lonley lol) and I miss Countdown The Valley. But I’ll be back soon =)


Aotearoa Sounds Good

12 Jun

I’m often impressed by kiwi music that drifts my way from television and film. It’s a delight discovering a smooth new track that you haven’t heard before, and the most recent tune I’ve heard is the one used for TVNZ Heartland, “Aotearoa” by Minut:

I love it when I come across a really neat song, that turns out to be kiwi. I have discovered there are so many good New Zealand music tracks out there, the only problem is not many people have heard about them! So I found myself really thankful when two soundtracks of 100% kiwi music were released by the makers of Outrageous Fortune, because it was fantastic exposure for not only the track, but the artists as well. I hope they release a third soundtrack for the last two seasons (5 & 6) sometime this year.

But yeah. I got in contact with TVNZ about the song they used on Heartland and there it is; I really like it! I’m going to have to itunes it I think. The launch party was good, I had some insightful chats with some of New Zealand’s most respected television executives and personalities, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results from that sometime soon!

Life is great right now, btw. Work is going smoothly, but I’l admit I have a lot of catching up to do at school. I’m quite behind, but I’ll deal with that. It’s the school ball next weekend and i’m a bit nervous because I’ve never been to one before. NPBHS’s ball was only for Year 13’s, so naturally I’ve never been!

It’s freezing up here in Hamilton and raining almost everyday, so it’s hard to get any washing done!
Once apon a time, when Mum or Dad would bring home “Home Brand” or “Budget” food, I would screw up my nose and refuse to eat it. Yes I was a fussy little shit, but my main reason for not waiting to eat the cheap stuff was because it was either made in China, or because it was just plain bad (and that includes packaging). Now I’ve found myself buying some “Home Brand” products, especially since they have just refreshed their packaging:

So yeah. In general, everything is great and I’m looking forward to my 18TH BIRTHDAY next month =D =D
Until next time,

Kyle =D