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I am crazy.

19 Jul

I’ve decided this. I moved to New Plymouth just over a week ago, yet where am I now?
I’m at Fairfield College, in Hamilton. Yes, Hamilton. I can’t stay away!
I’m thinking of moving back very soon. Yes yes. Watch this space =]


“What does it really mean?”

10 Jul

Relationships. I know, a very touchy subject for most people.
They can make you feel so, so happy but also very, very low. You can be soaring one minute and buried the next; they are unpredictable and they seem to hurt when you screw them up.

I recently ended a 6-month relationship, and I’m feeling really good. I’m not qualified to give relationship advice, but one thing I have learnt is that if you don’t feel good, if you’re not happy, then you should get out. Why drag yourself though pain when it’s not necessary? I was surprised to feel fantastic, lighter and much happier after breaking up about a week ago. I feel so good =D
The only thing I have truly felt miserable about is the thought of going back to New Plymouth and leaving behind such great people.

I am going to really miss the brilliant and amazing people of Hamilton. The best thing I am taking away with me, are the friendships I have made and the confidence and skills I have gained. LOTTO training, Union Delegate training, KIWIHOST training; it’s all been good. My photos with Sam is Psychology, random chats with Logie, film-club organisationalness with Logan, breakfasts with Sigourney and everyone else I just don’t know how I’ll cope without you ALL! It’s going to be weird.

I do hope to come back within two months, but we’ll see.

My Adventure

8 Jul

My adventure in Hamilton is coming to an end, and what a dramatic year it has been so far!

Janurary 1st, I visited Hamilton for the very first time. It was only intended to be a holiday for a weekend, but that weekend soon extended into two weeks and within that time, I was convinced that Hamilton was where my future lay. I accepted an offer to move away from New Plymouth and live with a school teacher, away from friends, family, school and work. Leaving Countdown behind was a hard decision!

February,  I began attending Fairfield College. Very different from the rich and traditional New Plymouth Boys’ High School, the college was co-educational, non-uniform, with a colourful mix of students. I also began working at Foodtown. A small, run-down and dark supermarket, it took me awhile to adjust after working in the huge and modern Countdown The Valley in New Plymouth.

April, my 3-month relationship ended and all of a sudden, I also needed to find a new place to live and other “things” began to happen to me. Some of you know what that is, but it was not good. It was the most confusing and horrible month I have ever lived though. Very lonely, very dark, very depressing; but I refused to give up and move back to New Plymouth. I was going to fight though it, and that I did. Sheree moved to Hamilton to help support me and we both began forming a plan for our future. The stable environment and role models around me, had vanished. I began another relationship with a student from school, and became the Fairfield College Film/TV Representative. Flew to Christchurch to attend Beyond The Camera 30.
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