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22 Sep

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2010 ae!

20 Sep

Most of the people I knew this year have failen into a void – we no longer talk, no longer see each other, there is no communication whatsoever. And that includes people I knew from New Plymouth, and people I met in Hamilton. And while that’s sad, it’s taught me people come and go thoughout life. Good and bad friends come and go, and there are some that never leave your side no matter what. Some good life lessions were learnt this year, and 2010 was a crappy year!

But what is life without a crap year? It can’t be consistently perfect all of the time, unless you’re a child star like Justin Bieber or something. Sometimes I wish that Mum & Dad had been successful in stopping me move away, when I wasn’t ready. It would have been so amazing to have had more self control, to have stayed at school and been with my friends and workmates. My family, though my brother’s first year at High School. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot!

But I’m also glad, because I got to meet some really cool people like Glyn, Mishy, Sigourney, Sammie, Steph and others who have made this year that little bit more special. I got to truly experience independence, drown in drama and I lept right out of my comfort zone. New school, new work – god that’s huge!

2010 to me, represents a lot of things for me. I burnt my hand a couple times as I made my own mistakes, tried out different things, screwed up in places but I love the fact that I’ve done that. I’ve changed so much over the past nine months it’s unbelievable.

You might have been able to guess, I’m feeling a little homesick. I know, I’m screwed up and can’t make up my mind. But I’m looking forward to going home to New Plymouth. Home really is where the heart is, isn’t it? Right now I’m living in a lounge in Hamilton. How I came to this . . .I’m not sure. It’s fair to say my standards of living have dropped since I lived with my family, as I never wanted to be in situations like these but blah. I’m looking forward to getting over and around them sometime very soon!

I did move back to New Plymouth, but I found it hard to cope with. Not sure what it was, but it was no longer working for me so I came back to Hamilton. It was so good to return to school, but I’ve found myself way behind everyone else so I’m just bumming around really until the year is over and out and I can start fresh next year! I really don’t want to live in Hamilton next year. I want to begin study somewhere else, weather it’s New Plymouth or Auckland, I just know Hamilton is not where I want my life to be centered around anymore.

Next year I’m going to know where I’m going, what I’m doing, and that’s my focus from now right until the last second of 2010. Time to really start organizing my future – and my priorities.

This weekend I’m going home to New Plymouth with Glyn – I’m going to have time with my real family, in the place that I grew up in. It’s the only place that’s ever been consistent for me, and my best true pals are down there. I can’t wait to see Mum and Dad again, Jeremy and Jamie (who have just rearranged their bedroom and really want me to see), Richie McKyle my goldfish (since age 16), the cat Pepper, Sheree, and I’m just so excited.

Oops, 12.41AM and I have school at 8.30. Night. =]