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15 Nov

Welcome to November, 2010.
Crazy how fast the year has gone huh?

About a week or so ago, actually I’m lying because it was only a few days ago, I went to the graduation/prizegiving for New Plymouth Boys’ High School. It just seemed like fitting closure to see the guys I grew up with finish their time at school and talk about where they are going next. I was robbed of the chance to finish my schooling there in 2010, but I still kept my ties to the school during the year. After going to the prizegiving, I feel like my affilation with the school is now over which is pretty awesome.

From next year, I’ll begin study for my Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts) + Diploma in Journalism at Waikato Institute of Technology, which is exciting! My future seems set now after 2010 turned everything upside down for me – I can’t wait to earn my degree and get out there to do what I love.

I’m also stoaked to be at home right now. Living in New Plymouth again until my course starts in Feb ’11, it’s cool to be with the family again. Have applied for a few jobs over the summer so fingers crossed!

What else?

RESTRICTED! Oh yes, I can legally drive alone and I LOVE IT. Petrol’s a little costly, but hey, it’s better than bussing or relying on others. I love this independance!

TIRED! I need to sleep – so I’ll go do that now. Haha xD