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Ah, Christmas.

9 Dec

I’m not sure if it’s the heart-warming christmas-themed Glee episode I just watched, or the fairy lights that are glowing around my room, but for some reason tonight feels a lot like Christmas.
Already this month I’ve rewarded myself with two books, “Tomorrow, When The War Began” and Keven Milne’s auto-biography – I’ve turned into a boring old man haha! But I’ve enjoyed reading both books and it feels great to be able to just relax and wind down after the drama-packed year I’ve just had!

This morning I received an email from South Seas Film & Television School. They accept only a very limited amount of students into their course every year, being a very popular option for  aspiring actors and film makers all over the country. The director of the school said that he was very impressed with my application, and would like to try and find me a place within their course before christmas. That’s quite an honor! I posted the news on Facebook and everyone who left a comment was excited and some said they look forward to seeing where it will lead.
I’ve had a long and hard thinking sesh about it, because Wintec has accepted me into their Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts) degree for the next three years. That covers everything I love; marketing, PR, journalism, and film/tv.

Long story short, I’ve decided to stick to Wintec and turn down South Seas. It’s a marvelous opportunity, but the degree is more likely to give me a stable future (being a degree and not diploma) in more than one career path. I’d love to do the South Seas course in the future, but maybe now isn’t the right time. Hmmm.

I’m watching my lava lamp now. They are amazing little things, aren’t they? One could watch for hours as the blobs form into different shapes, just relaxing with their thoughts. Inspiring. Mine at the moment looks like there’s a bunch of tree branches in there. Random. . . .  but I love it.

I’m wanting to work on a new film sometime soon. It’s going to be emotional/moving and have a message to youth. I’ll hopefully get some kiwi stars on board to record some messages. It’s going to be a corny love story which life doesn’t treat fairly, so the anti-fairytale of today . . . . but I want it to be realistic. It’s going to be about two gay-youths, and how they are not accepted into today’s society. I want to show the two characters as they advance though life, how they cope and show audiences that any two people, regardless of their sex, can be in love. I know there will be people who argue against this next quote, but it’s one I’ve never forgotten from when I was a kid.

“Love is a gift from god, so who are we to question who he gives it to?”

It’s 11pm now and I’m stuffed. Should probably sleep because I have a long day tomorrow. Christmas shopping. Hanging with Glyn. Jessie’s 17th. Clubbing.
It’s scary how I’m getting old and need my rest, far out.