Most Boring Blog Post Ever

13 Dec

Hello, World!
Just a quick hello catch up post. I realised I’d been posting so much information on Facebook, that I was neglecting my blog!
I’m fine, thanks for the ask. I’m just in my room chilling, Glyn’s behind me reading the book I got for him as a early xmas present. He’s heading home to Hamilton tomorrow, and I might join him for a few days just to get out of New Plymouth. There’s no work at the moment down here so it will be fine. It also looks like I’ll never work at CD Te Rapa again, just because I’m contracted to another store now and not cool enough to have an exemption made. Meh.

Payday is just hours away and it’s sad to think my account will only have money in it for a few minutes! One of the downsides of being old is bills! I never realised they were so….greedy. Am going to pay for my NZ Herald subscription and my Telecom bill! Last telecom bill was $780, haha. Gosh this has got to be the most boring blog post ever! My apologies.

Guess I’m not in a writing mood, but I’m in a Facebook mood! Here’s some Christmas Cheer to end this post:




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