Empty World

14 Jan

I write this post knowing that no one is going to see it. Well, at least for awhile.
I made the decision to close my old blog, you know, the whaioraignition.wordpress.com one. If you’ve found this post and I haven’t shared the link with you, you must be clever, well done.
I’ve had that blog since I was 15, when my adventures with TVNZ, South Pacific Pictures and Shortland Street began. But like all good things, those adventures came to an end and I was out and about making my own film projects.

But I moved to Hamilton a few years later, and stopped blogging. But now that I’m back at home, feeling inspired by blogging, creative, and have something worth saying, I am here blogging once again. Because I didn’t know who my readers were anymore, and I felt a bit lost with the old blog, I decided to start fresh, so here I am!

Anyway, welcome. Thanks for wanting to read my tales and share my stories. I can’t promise they’ll be the most interesting,
but I’m going back to where the blog first began – my thoughts, adventures, no impressing others or tailing to specific people. And I love it 🙂


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