15 Jan

As you know, one of my new year’s resolutions was to read a number of books during the year.
It’s the 16th of January and I’ve already read two, being the final two books in “The Ellie Chronicles” trilogy, a series based after the events in “The Tomorrow Series”.

Anyway, I decided to attempt reading “The Passage”. It’s a book I brought sometime last year, and one of my good friends raved about about two years ago, plus it was on a ‘NZ Top 50 Books’ list. I had tried to read the book before but I lost interest.
I had blamed the fact I was busy dealing with other matters, moving houses and reading 3 other books at the same time.

So tonight I started on this mammoth novel again.
And failed.

It’s just not holding my attention, I get really bored by it and find myself struggling to keep focus. In the end, I retired the book to my shelf and there it shall stay until I am ready. That’s if I ever am.

So a little disappointed. My next book is by Ellen Degeneres and is just a silly book of her babble. I catch her tv show
Sometimes and it’s a great laugh. So I’ll zap though this comedic book and then hopefully launch into Mike McRoberts’ bio.

Rant over! 🙂


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