Quick Review of Life!

27 Mar

It’s getting to that scary stage again where I forget to blog and it falls behind and floats around in the nothingness of the world wide web.
My last post was about the scholarship, before I went to Australia for the first time, such a long time ago.

Next week is the final week of term one of my Journalism course, so it’s been awhile!
I am enjoying it as well as finding it challenging. Our tutor Robin Martin, today reminded us that we’ll be setting up blogs soon which in turn reminded me that I do have one it’s just neglected! Oops :O

Anyway, I’m really excited as tomorrow is Wednesday, which is the day the North Taranaki Midweek is distributed around the place. It’s our free regional newspaper, and my first story of 2012 is going to be in there! I will have to remember to post a link here =D

Have been trying to master the difficult art of Shorthand. We are learning Teeline, which is the easier type, but so far it’s been a bit of a struggle! Need to keep up with constant revision yes yes.

So at the moment we are in class, at the TDN building, from 8.30am to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday is our day to get out and gather news, and Friday is our short day, being 9am – 12pm. Then I can have my nana nap haha! On Saturday I am still supervising at Countdown Central, leaving Sunday as my lazy day off 🙂


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