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It’s rewarding and I love it

15 Apr

Hey blogging world!
Welcome to the holidays!
They began a week ago, so we’re halfway though but for me, they really begin tomorrow because the last week I have been volunteering with two other students and our tutor at the New Zealand Surf Festival.
I loved it because I was essentially, helping run the festival’s social media. And I loved it! I also got a few stories out of it (two of which I am still writing, one has been published thus far and is on my website

I am loving WITT journalism SO much. It is brilliant. I am learning, I’m writing, and that is more than I can say for Wintec last year which was really to me, a mess so never again!

The surf festival was intense! Taryn, Jimmy, Robin and myself worked from roughly around 6.30am each day until 4pm. While Jimmy, Taryn and Robin roamed the site as well as updated the web, I focused more on handling the internet as I knew most about it and there were a few hicups to sort out. Plus it was my equipment, and I wanted to write up a few stories. We all managed to get stories out which was really cool.

We got fed and well looked after. First night of the festival, Taryn, Robin and myself enjoyed a few drinks at a VIP function hehe. It was good.

Right – just had an email about reworking one of my stories so I better get onto it. See you around!




5 Apr

It’s Easter!
Strange word, Easter. Reminds me of yeast.

By the time I post this, it’ll be Easter Friday. It’s Easter Friday right now actually. Im not sure what I’m going to do today, everywhere is closed!

Random mashup of thoughts

4 Apr


A little mixed today.
Thinking about journalism and the like.

It’s pretty clear who the star students are going to be come end of the year, and I won’t be one of them!
I think I’m alright with that. I’m enjoying what I’m doing so much more than Wintec

My third story will be published next week, which is cool. Some people are up to 5 or 6 stories which is a little scary. They’re doing so well and they know it lol. But in my defense I kinda like how I’m going so I think I’ll just plod along some more. Haha.

Tomorrow we have a text on local government – and it’s pretty important. It’s open book though. I am making sure I have absolutely everything I need to know in my revision book – so tonight shorthand and stories are taking a major backseat. I always get a little paranoid about tests, assignments and the like.

Next week a small group of us will be going to work at the TSB Bank New Zealand Surf Festival, which is held here in Taranaki. Very exciting! I know nothing about surf, but I am really looking forward to being out of my comfort zone – waking up at 6am each day to be there by 7am is going to be a challenge hehe. Our tutor has put me in charge of social media, which is really just running the facebook page and twitter account. I’ve always wanted a job like that so I am quite excited about it! Hehe =D

Sorry about the dull post today, am quite tired yes yes . . . changing the topic, Glyn was working at WITT tonight, hosting a function for New Plymouth’s top bar and restaurant owners. So proud of him! He’s put his name out there really well and from what I heard, a lot of people were impressed by what he can do! He’s a really special bright guy . . . . actually scrap the special bit because that makes him sound . . well you know. He’s brilliant. So I ran him a bath with candles and all that romantic mush hehe – and it was his first ever BUBBLE BATH!

Crazy fool, I can’t believe he’s never had one before.

Also tonight, I forced my family to try wraps for dinner. You know, like the tortilla things you get at Subway? Yeah those! I made them wraps with lettuce, tomato, carrot, bacon, chicken with honey mustard and caesar dressing. Mum, Dad and my little brother Jamie have never tried them before and I kinda made them to force Jamie to try food other than pies, mince, pasta etc. And he loved it so yay for healthy eating!

Right….i should really get back to my revision so see you!