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It’s rewarding and I love it

15 Apr

Hey blogging world!
Welcome to the holidays!
They began a week ago, so we’re halfway though but for me, they really begin tomorrow because the last week I have been volunteering with two other students and our tutor at the New Zealand Surf Festival.
I loved it because I was essentially, helping run the festival’s social media. And I loved it! I also got a few stories out of it (two of which I am still writing, one has been published thus far and is on my website

I am loving WITT journalism SO much. It is brilliant. I am learning, I’m writing, and that is more than I can say for Wintec last year which was really to me, a mess so never again!

The surf festival was intense! Taryn, Jimmy, Robin and myself worked from roughly around 6.30am each day until 4pm. While Jimmy, Taryn and Robin roamed the site as well as updated the web, I focused more on handling the internet as I knew most about it and there were a few hicups to sort out. Plus it was my equipment, and I wanted to write up a few stories. We all managed to get stories out which was really cool.

We got fed and well looked after. First night of the festival, Taryn, Robin and myself enjoyed a few drinks at a VIP function hehe. It was good.

Right – just had an email about reworking one of my stories so I better get onto it. See you around!



My Adventure

8 Jul

My adventure in Hamilton is coming to an end, and what a dramatic year it has been so far!

Janurary 1st, I visited Hamilton for the very first time. It was only intended to be a holiday for a weekend, but that weekend soon extended into two weeks and within that time, I was convinced that Hamilton was where my future lay. I accepted an offer to move away from New Plymouth and live with a school teacher, away from friends, family, school and work. Leaving Countdown behind was a hard decision!

February,  I began attending Fairfield College. Very different from the rich and traditional New Plymouth Boys’ High School, the college was co-educational, non-uniform, with a colourful mix of students. I also began working at Foodtown. A small, run-down and dark supermarket, it took me awhile to adjust after working in the huge and modern Countdown The Valley in New Plymouth.

April, my 3-month relationship ended and all of a sudden, I also needed to find a new place to live and other “things” began to happen to me. Some of you know what that is, but it was not good. It was the most confusing and horrible month I have ever lived though. Very lonely, very dark, very depressing; but I refused to give up and move back to New Plymouth. I was going to fight though it, and that I did. Sheree moved to Hamilton to help support me and we both began forming a plan for our future. The stable environment and role models around me, had vanished. I began another relationship with a student from school, and became the Fairfield College Film/TV Representative. Flew to Christchurch to attend Beyond The Camera 30.
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Even though I’m blue . . .

3 Apr

Yay for Easter and Holidays and Friends and Family and Christchurch!
Nay for Relationship Breakups, Faulty Phone Batteries and Dark Weather.

One thing I’ve found, is that there are two sides to everything. There’s a positive, and then a negative. When it’s good you just glide though life, swooping over the problems and you just feel like everything has fit into place. When it’s bad, you just fall and your overcrowded head spins and you feel like nothing is going to get you out of it.
I’ve been here and there and everywhere in between. But life goes on so the logical solution is to get over it! Which is exactly what I’ve done and I feel great. My relationship with Paul ended late on Thursday night. I was fine as I processed that until yesterday (Friday) afternoon, when I did break. I flew though all the breakup stages yesterday, and then last night came the acceptance and that’s where I’ve been ever since. So I’m doing great =)

Let’s get a positive – it’s Easter and my family are here! Mum couldn’t come up because of her back injury, but my amazing cousin Sheryl, and then Dad with my brothers Jeremy and Jamie have come up so I love it! Perfect timing too. We’re just having quality time together and it’s just what I needed!

My phone battery has actually died and won’t charge – so no more XT for me! Message me for my temporary mobile number as I’m back to using a brick from Intermediate School. Ugh! Telecom said it’d be cheaper if I just brought a new battery because the repair place will just say it’s water damage. Hm!

Christchurch is a week away today! I’m so excited to be going on this course, and as the Fairlycol students know, I’m even more excited for my name badge 😛

What else? My asthma has kicked in big time so I didn’t go to work today, and now I’m being called into a meeting on Monday. I’m going to wait and see what happens with that. Hm. The weather’s been really cold recently too – I hate the fact daylight savings is about to end!

Have a great easter (and holidays if you’re at school) and thanks so much for your support over the last few days. You are all so incredible and I can’t believe so many people care =)


Life as I now know it

25 Feb

Hey, It’s been a really like time since I’ve posted anything. I know, I’ve been slack when it comes to blogging. I guess I’ve just had so much going on with the whole “moving to Hamilton” thing. I’ve settled into my new school (Fairfield College) and work (Foodtown) and I’m still getting used to not living with the family. It is sad because I do miss home! And my friends in New Plymouth.

School’s interesting because the school is nothing like NPBHS. The buildings and grounds are not flash, it’s mufti and it’s co-educational. There are a lot of cockroaches here! That aside – I’m enjoying my classes (English, Media Studies, Psycology, Gateway and soon by corrospondance, Legal Studies) and the teachers are really friendly! There’s no jock or rugby culture here either. I miss NPBHS a lot, but I’m seeing my new school as a new experience.

Foodtown is no where near as flash as Countdown The Valley, and it’s about 1/4 the size! It’s a neat little store which I think is possibily one of the oldest supermarkets in Hamilton. It’s never been renovated to my knowledge, a bit rundown but soon everyone will be turning into Countdowns so a revamp shouldn’t be too far off! I work on Lotto and Checkouts – Lotto preferred! I’ve been fully trained and love it.

I have three different film projects currently in the pipeline which is exciting – and over the next two weeks I will be doing a lot of travelling so if you want to meet up here’s the plan:

Tuesday 2 March: New Plymouth
Wednesday 3 March: Auckland
Thursday 4 March: Auckland
Friday 5 March: Whangarei
Saturday 6 March: Whangarei
Sunday 7 March: Whangarei

Thursday 11 March: New Plymouth
Friday 12 March:      New Plymouth
Saturday 13 March: New Plymouth
Sunday 14 March: New Plymouth
Monday 15 March: New Plymouth

If you haven’t already, you should add me as a friend on Facebook or follow me on twitter (see sidebar). I update daily and it’s the easiest way to keep in the loop! I’ll try and blog a bit more too 😛

This is what I want to do.

29 Nov

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. And I know I ramble on about finally finishing and releasing Pure Modesty, but I am never actually satisfied with it. I just think it could be better.

I can’t do any better with any film project unless I do get a better camera. There’s just no way it works at the moment and thats why I am scrapping all the footage that we have already filmed for PM. The episodes will not be released. It’s just not worth it (and the quality is terrible).

If I can get a HD camera for christmas, or put into other words, have one for in January, then I will be jumping straight back into making films. I want to really make something that is clear, (dare I say it) classy and well polished. I don’t want low standards and I cannot see a future with the current 13-year old camera. Which is fair enough!

If I don’t get one for January (which is the only month of the year I can do a mass amount of film work), then film/TV will go on hold for a long time as I focus solely on Journalism.

So yeah.

Telecom Light Show

19 Oct

On Saturday night I went with some mates to the Telecom Light Show in Auckland city – and I have to say it was very, very impressive!! The show was put on to launch Telecom’s new logo and was tastefully done. It was interactive, so people could go up to special “light boxes” where they could move and it would reflect on the Fairy Terminal building – ie. the building that was lit up for the light show.

Because you really had to be there, check out the video and photos below:


24 Sep

You know, whenever o think of a really good topic or idea to post about, I can never write it because I’m never near an Internet device. So I forgot this really good idea I had at school yesterday. Damn.
Heading to Christchurch this Sunday – wow if is going to be so amazing! Going to have a bit of a party on friday as everyone enjoys a good, fair boose up haha.
WITT was supposed to finish for me on Wednesday, but becaus the the tutors striked last week and we lost a lession, we are having a catchup on both Thursday and Friday. Yay.
Still loving my iPod touchie and MacBook – haven’t used a pc on ages now!
Today, I went out with a mate from work and had a ‘skux’ haircut hahahahH. it was awesome, then went shopping with Sade and then to hayleys play with Jessie. So it’s been a real busy day, and exams are fast approaching – ick