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Pure Modesty + Shortland Street

16 Aug

I’m a bit worried about Shortland Street at the moment.
There’s a character’s sister who has come back into a show, a single mother of two. And it appears she is a hooker – sound similar?

Jodi Corrigan in Pure Modesty, is also a single mother of two who is also a prostitute! I’m worried about continuing because I do not want people to say I’ve copied Shortland Street with this, when in fact I haven’t 😦

So I need to do some serious thinking about what I’m going to do plot wise! Maybe we might drop the series and try something else, with the same characters? We’ll see. I’ll have a long think about it!



10 Sep

These are huge spoliers regarding tonight and tomorrow’s episodes of SHORTLAND STREET, and the fate of Justine Jones.
They are recaps of the episodes.
Click the link below to read!

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Craig Valentine Tribute

10 Sep

Not broadcast on television, this is the full clip of Sarah (Amanda Billing) singing at Craig Valentine’s memorial service.
The moving clip not only shows off the voice talents of Amanda Billing, but also displays some of Craig’s best moments on the show.


5 Sep

Below is a copy of the new Shortland Street opening titles!
Unchanged since 2005, the new version begins broadcasting on Monday 8 September.

So..what am I watching?

16 Aug

These are my current top picks:

Notice the pattern? TV3 x 3.
Those are the shows I’m enjoying at the moment. And if you haven’t seen any of them…YOU SHOULD! Just click on them to watch the latest episode.
Another piece of genius: TV3 have episodes online, and they hardly buffer! Amazing, compared to TVNZ ondemand!

Now in it’s forth series and just confirmed for it’s fifth, Outrageous Fortune has been going from strength to strength in terms of New Zealand Drama. The longest running NZ Drama series so far, the series has won a huge number of awards, and will dominate the 2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards with 16 nominations.

Based on TV3 reporter Jaquie Brown, the show follows Jaquie as she tries to become more famous as well as outshine her rival on the current affairs show, McHuntly Live (Based on Campbell Live).
With only six episodes to this season and demand for a second series, the show is a hit with it’s big ratings and raving reviews.

Hosted by Petra Bagust, the show investigates how we’re eating and it’s fascinating to see what really is in out food. Like Outrageous Fortune, the show has been a hit and has been confirmed for a second season. This isn’t like those dumb “fat people” shows that was once all the rage, this explains everything from additives to food labels and more.

Right now, it’s too much of a stretch to say it’s as great as the above shows BUT, don’t loose faith yet.
With a HUGE storyline building up (said to rival the serial killer storyline) and new opening credits, the show will reach a new high. Now in it’s 16th season, the show is still as popular as ever.
Just a closing note: The upcoming storyline is one not to miss! Trust me!

Highly Impressive TV ads

30 May

Dr Hone Ropata returns to Shortland Street from the 4000th episode for six weeks and this is being celebrated by two very impressive ads.
They’ve had me sitting there, wondering how they were made! A reason why I am so impressed is because these types of “skills” are not known of or used here in NZ. And they really are incredible.

Dr. Ropata and Chris:

Dr. Ropata and Tania (with Kip too)


5 Mar

Shortland Sleuth on Street Talk wrote their thoughts about Shortland Street’s serial killer storyline, and it puts into words what I simply can’t because it was such an emotional rocker! Best episodes EVER produced of the show. In fact, you cannot compare it to average Shortland Street. It’s so dark, unpredictable, emotional and moving.
If you aren’t a fan of the show, tune into TV2 this Sunday at 10am and watch (without ads) the most chilling piece of NZ TV you will ever see.

Shortland Sleuth’s thoughts:

Well, now that I’ve recovered a bit more from watching that episode, here are some of my thoughts on it:

We saw once and for all just how totally evil and twisted Joey is (or rather, was). Not only in what he said to Alice, but also to Craig and Kieran. He had absolutely no remorse for his actions. If he’d had his time over, he would have done it all again.
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