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11 Jun

This blog includes very thing from when I was 14 to age 19. Five years, not including the gaps!

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5 Apr

It’s Easter!
Strange word, Easter. Reminds me of yeast.

By the time I post this, it’ll be Easter Friday. It’s Easter Friday right now actually. Im not sure what I’m going to do today, everywhere is closed!

Living the high life

31 Mar

Ooh swanky post! Haha.
Okay I should probably admit no, I don’t live the high life lol. But it feels nice to be able to say that!
I am totally shocking with money. I’ve got two credit cards which are maxed and an overdraft big enough to afford a reasonable second hand car. But this is only because I spent $2000 in Australia (which I think is fair enough considering it was my first overseas holiday EVER and the exchange rate was shit) and Glyn and I have been making a few home improvements and buying study resources:
1) A new study desk (old one was braking fast)
2) TiVo (analog is going soon and it was $100 off)
3) A new iMac because the last one died, along with my laptop
4) A iPad 2 (for study and because it was like $300 off)
5) Lots of textbooks for journalism (Around $500)
6) A professional digital camera for journalism (Around $300)
7) A voice recorder for journalism ($150)
8) Extended warranties ($100)
9) Apple accessories + camera SD card ($160)
10) Lamp ($40)

Probably didn’t need the last two, but that’s okay. Lol. Anyway now the TiVo areal isn’t working and the new lamp is getting in the way of life and petrol is quite expensive. Grr. But we’re not flagging at the moment, we are boarding so that’s made life easier for us both.

Ooh and another thing I love- Moccas are only 50c at the Taranaki Daily News!! I have one every day I am there lol, so good!

I’ve published two stories so far and I am really happy about it. Wrote a third on Friday for Saturdays paper but they didn’t publish it because I think it was more of a Midweek story, which means it’ll be published next Wednesday in the free community paper. That is still good! I hope I publish it before James hehe, just because then I’ll be ahead of the class in terms of publishing stories heh heh heh 😉

Anyway that’s all I needed to rave and rant about for tonight. I am going to sleep now, wish me luck. :p

The Blogging Requirement

28 Mar

Hello world,

This afternoon when class starts up again, we’ll be setting up and talking about blogs.
And I’m going to feel mega guilty because I haven’t been keeping my up to date! Haha, Robin our tutor refers to me as the tech guru so I should really set an example 😛

This week has been exciting because yesterday I was published in the North Taranaki Midweek, and today I was published again in the Taranaki Daily News! You can view my stories at

It’s been a real learning experience having articles published, because you learn to fact check what the interviewee is saying so you don’t look like a dick in the article lol.

But I’ve been stoked that two of my stories were published within two days, and I’ve already moved on to my next story! Exciting stuff.

There’s some students in our class who don’t have a Facebook (!!!) and are reluctant to set that up, as well as a blog. But I hope in time they’ll learn what important and useful resources they are when it comes to the modern world of journalism.

Quick Review of Life!

27 Mar

It’s getting to that scary stage again where I forget to blog and it falls behind and floats around in the nothingness of the world wide web.
My last post was about the scholarship, before I went to Australia for the first time, such a long time ago.

Next week is the final week of term one of my Journalism course, so it’s been awhile!
I am enjoying it as well as finding it challenging. Our tutor Robin Martin, today reminded us that we’ll be setting up blogs soon which in turn reminded me that I do have one it’s just neglected! Oops :O

Anyway, I’m really excited as tomorrow is Wednesday, which is the day the North Taranaki Midweek is distributed around the place. It’s our free regional newspaper, and my first story of 2012 is going to be in there! I will have to remember to post a link here =D

Have been trying to master the difficult art of Shorthand. We are learning Teeline, which is the easier type, but so far it’s been a bit of a struggle! Need to keep up with constant revision yes yes.

So at the moment we are in class, at the TDN building, from 8.30am to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday is our day to get out and gather news, and Friday is our short day, being 9am – 12pm. Then I can have my nana nap haha! On Saturday I am still supervising at Countdown Central, leaving Sunday as my lazy day off 🙂


3 Feb

What an honor it is to be the James (Senior) and Mary Garcia Scholarship recipient for 2012!
Words really do fail to describe how amazingly overwhelmed I am! A HUGE thank you to the Garcia family, Public Trust and WITT!
I am really stoked that someone out there who viewed my application saw potential and I will not let them down! I am incredibly excited  about beginning my journalism study,
which begins on the 20th. The scholarship covers $4000 of the course, which comes to a total of $5220 for the year. I am going to fund the rest, as well as course related costs though StudyLink (fingers crossed).

I will soon be off to Australia, for my first ever trip out of New Zealand. My partner is gearing up to make the move down here to New Plymouth, and study for both of us is not far off.

What an exciting year this is going to be! Watch this space =D

Good Morning!

1 Feb

So recently I’ve been working heaps to try and save money for my trip to Australia in about 3 days – and I think I’m more excited that you’d usually expect because I’m a first time overseas traveler! I haven’t even left for Hamilton Airport yet and I’ve already spent most of my savings I put away!! Mitch (my partner of travel) has put together an Itinerary, and I prebooked some of the attractions so we don’t miss out.

What really was disapointing was checking out the maintenance pages of the main theme parks – almost ALL of them have their best rides closed over the next month! Grrr!

We’re going to be heading to Brisbane on Monday morning, and staying in a place called Maroochydore. Will head to the Gold Coast for a few days to visit Movie World, Sea World, Dream World, White Water World, Dracula’s, and SkyPoint. Then back to Brisbane to see Mary Poppins on stage which I’m sure will be awesome – although I would have preferred The Lion King, I’m a few years late for that.

Had a letter come though the other day with some really, really awesome news – but I don’t want to share it yet because it’s going to be a newspaper story in the next day or two, and if I spoil it before then it’ll be old news and you won’t read the article. But as soon as it’s out, I’ll share! Promise =D

What else has been going on? Well not all that much. If you’re into US TV shows (and you download legally from iTunes US like me), I strongly recommend the following:
TOUCH: This show isn’t released until March, but the pilot episode is available free to download on iTunes right now. It’s about a little
boy who has never spoken a word – but can predict future events by studying patterns and numbers, which is how he
communicates. The show is different to anything else I’ve seen and will be a huge hit when it comes to NZ.

REVENGE: By now you would have seen or heard about this show – it’s huge in America and it’s being advertised on TV here right now
one of TV2’s biggest shows this year. It’s about a woman who returns to the Hamptons, to avenge her father’s death and
imprisonment for something he was framed for. Once you see a single episode of this show you’re hooked, and it leaves you
literally begging for more. The rich and famous in this show, have something to hide…

RINGER: Ringer has just returned to USTV after the Christmas break, and to be honest I can’t really remember how it ended for the
break but I was enjoying it. A woman on the run from being a witness to a murder takes on her twin sister’s identify when
her sister “fakes” a suicide, becoming a wife and step mother straight away – and gaining a lot of money.

Right well I’ma head off now but thank you for visiting my humble blog once again, can’t wait to share my Australian trip with you soon! 🙂