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Top Chef is Reaching for the Stars

30 Mar





















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Media Interest

15 Jan

Okay so this morning I woke up to two interviews for two newspapers!
They are very keen on “Tracey’s Back” and the two major celebs that are involved; I was planning to keep their names secret until they were filmed, and I can’t really do that now seeing it will be in the news tomorrow.

So I’ve done the interviews, but only one will appear in the news. This is because the Taranaki Daily News is bigger than the Midweek and takes prefrence over the Midweek, so it swallowed up their story. The papers are both owned by Taranaki Newspapers.

So expect to see a story in the paper tomorrow morning!
I’m just about to leave and prepare for filming and the photo shoot, out at Self Storage Taranaki. Oh, and check NCEA results. haha.


20 Aug

I couldn’t help but get annoyed while reading this week’s MidWeek (local free newspaper).
It seemed almost every story (with the exception of council-related articles) was about a school.
“Spotswood College student develop new software” “St Pius needs support for garden” “Spotswood College sports team wins again” and it goes on!

Have the MidWeek become so desperate for stories, they are turning to schools? I am over hearing about little kids who are digging gardens and winning sports games. Sure, a story or two school-realted stories would be fine, but not the whole paper!!!
Where’s the real local news?