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Wellington is scrapped

4 Mar

TelstraClear have had to pull out of Armageddon, so I will no longer be attending the event in Wellington over the 4th/5th of April.


Upcoming Events

24 Feb

I couldn’t think of anything else to write apart from what I’m going to be up to over the next few months!

This weekend Americana hits town again, so that’ll be a cool event to hang out at. There’s American stuff popping up all over town!
Next week (6-9 March)
I will be heading to Palmy North for a break and to hang out with some family friends. It’ll be a good break away and I’m looking forward to having a holiday away from family =]
The week after (13-15 March) is WOMAD. Now I won’t have any spare cash to spend this time round, it should be a good time regardless….some people I know that are going: Matt, Sheryl, Meredith, Kate, Dad, Mike.
The last week of March (28+ March I think) is when I will be going up north with my Biology class. We’re going up past Auckland, but I don’t know a huge amount of information about the trip.
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The weekend!

21 Feb

It’s Saturday, 21st of February 2009.
It’s just Mum, Jamie and myself here. Until tomorrow night of course, but still…it’s great! The only downside is we don’t have a car, but we can get around that.

So Palmy North is just two weeks away. Time really does fly! But I’m looking forward to a break without family hanging around! It would be nice, haven’t done something like that for a long time.
Also, WOMAD is coming up next month too. Yikes, I’m not going to have any money for that! That’s my only money worry too *boasts*
Will be heading to Wellington in the first weekend of April to go to Armageddon with the Clearnet team, and that will be very cool.
Will also have work experience at TelstraClear over the April holidays, so that will be cool too!
Work at Zieland Productions will start in March, every Friday for the rest of the year. Bit nervous about that..

So plenty of stuff coming up over the next month or two! School’s going fine, and on Monday I was appointed Deputy Head Libraian. Geeky? Well not really. I do it because I like being in the office-environment, having some-sort of power and it’s like running a small business. I’m working on projects such as a renovation and how we can use SKY more efficently to benefit students and teachers. I’m hoping to get MySKY, so we can record various eductional shows and documentaries.

What else has been going on? Well I did go to Auckland during the week, and there was a brief report about that. We ended up getting delayed coming back to NP due to a major accident on the Southern Motorway. So we stayed a extra night and went to The White lady – an iconic, long white carovan that sells the best burgers in town. Seriously, it’s way better than Brucies! Their burger…wow. It wasn’t a “This is a sweet burger” or “This burger’s good”, it was a “WOAH this burger is fantastic!” It was really good quality, the mean, fresh lettuce…everything. It was the best burger I’ve had in my life, and I don’t have any problems with saying that. Plus, it didn’t leave a fatty-feeling in your mouth afterwards either. Perfect.

Don’t forget to join the Internet blackout – information on this is avaiable on the post made before this one. Cheers.

Better go have lunch now…cya!

What did I tell ya?

28 Jan

2009 is my year.
I think it was Suzanne Paul that told me “Reach for the stars and you’ll hit the moon!” So I live by that.
In the last six or so hours, I’ve been offered a select audition for a television commerical and work expierence with TelstraClear,  which includes travel to Wellington to attend and film for clearnet.co.nz at Armageddon.

But because the auditon is tomorrow and Friday, there isn’t time/money to attend the audition and premiere.
A bit of a pickle there, so I turned it down. However I have noticed that my profile has been getting more and more hits and I’m being offered more and more auditons. So this will be a fantastic year in terms with the agent!!
Of course I will be looking forward to working at TelstraClear. I’ve been there many times and know the staff at Clearnet, and it’ll just be awesome!

But I am going to annouce here that I have resigned from California Takeaways. I am entering my fourth year and believe it’s time to do something different. I am looking forward to my final night’s work this upcoming Friday.

Auckland and more

6 Jan

I will be returning to Auckland next weekend, and hopefully catch up with Paul Ellis (if he’s in Auckland at the time), Suzanne Paul and I also hope to visit TelstraClear if they aren’t too busy!

Seen the Tracey’s Back trailer yet? It’s rough but it’s a preview all the same. That’s my favorite scene (in the preview); I think Meredith’s acting is amazing in that scene. No one else could have played the role of Tracey McNutt. Meredith really is perfect for the role.
So the film premieres on the 31st of this month, which is exciting! I’m in overdrive though getting ready for it. Not only do I have to assemble the film and documentary, I have to have the DVD sets avaliable in time for the night. Phew. And I can’t wait to release it online and see your reactions!!!

School’s back in soon and I’m sorta looking forward to it. Gateway will be really exciting and I’ll FINALLY get to study Film/TV! ALL YEAR! It’ll be amazing.
Will it be my last year? Who knows…..

I’d better get back to “renovating” my room. I’ve been graudally tidying bits up (wardrobe, desk, shelves) and throwing out alot of crap. Ooh and speaking of, I hear that the house is going to be painted soon! It’ll be interesting to see what colour.

P.S: i just got asked by TelstraClear if I was at school this year, because..”our production/editing/filming guy dan was thinking about getting an intern and was impressed with your stuff…”
Cool! The answer is yes; I’ll be at school. But I’ll continue to make my visits to TelstraClear over 2009 and maintain our friendship =]

[Update] Growing support for Sequel

7 Aug

The Taranaki District Health Board has joined a growing number of supporters for the ORIENTAL STREET MURDER sequel, which include TelstraClear, New Plymouth Boys’ High School and a few others which cannot be mentioned yet so the plot isn’t spoiled.

The Taranaki District Health Board’s Clinical Skills Centre will be providing facilities and equipment to portray wards at the fictional “Welbourn Hospital”, which is also filmed at New Plymouth Boys’ High School and Auckland City Hospital.

“It’s really exciting that the TDHB have agreed to come on board and support our project. The growing support for the film really shows how local organisations and businesses are keen to help out and be involved with the community.” Producer Kyle Wadsworth states.

Filming on the sequel begins next Monday. “This is going to take a long time to get together as people are so busy this time of year.” Kyle says. “But in saying that, it means more time can be spent on detail, editing, and preparation which will mean a better quality production.”

The cast will be a mix of old characters and new characters, with cameos from Lyal French-Wright and Rusty Kane.

The film is set to be released late 2008.

The Final Day..

17 Jul

Today was the best day EVER.
The other day, I said that we recorded a skit. I was praised for my performance, people said it looked 100% natural and real. I also mentioned that another group filmed the exact same scene. The guy who portrayed my role as Frank in the their version was a very shy guy, and it was really bad! Sorry to actually say that, but it was and I don’t know why they didn’t choose someone else! He is a cool guy though and I am not having a go at him personally.
I’ll mention the two core characters: Frank and Jessica.

So let’s skip back to today.
The first hour or so we sat our test papers for NCEA credits, and it was a hard test! I got one question wrong, which I later corrected in a resit.
After the test, we began filming our studio show, Pulse. It was really boring at first, because I wasn’t assigned to a role and we had 5 rehearsals! I, like some others just sat and watched. Lunch soon came, and we (James, Taylor & me) said goodbye to Jane, who was leaving early. You may remember that Jane was in “our group of friends” lol

Taylor went and hung out with some new friends while I went to the dairy with James, and I had a egg burger for lunch. Yuck, I hate egg. Why I brought it I don’t know, but I did regret it afterwards!
Me & James or James & I went into the studio and played around in the control room & with the cameras onset. Somewhere, someone was watching porn in the school because it was coming up on two of the monitors in the studio, lol!

When it came time to continue filming, I hung out in the ACR room where James was working. We went though 3 more rehearsals and I got even more bored. We finally began recording the show, and one of the teachers, Tom, had been looking for me and didn’t know where I was. Luckily, he found me in ACR and said that he was impressed with my performance in the skit and wanted to know if i wanted to present the next show. I jumped at the chance and said yes, but i was really, really nervous!
Minutes later recording had stopped and I was onset, preparing for my new role. My co-host was Louise, she is really hilarious and was great to work with!

So we were only to be given one rehearsal and then straight into recording. So we really only had one chance to practice our lines, and we didn’t know the script entirely well. I believe that I didn’t nail it and was left pondering if Tom regretted picking me to present. But he defiantly didn’t!!!
As rehearsal went on we got better and I was finally ready for the recording. We went into it and I truly believed we did a awesome job!!!
I’ll take this chance to say that the lines were really cheesy; see some of my lines below:

P2: Everyday the sun comes up, every breath I take I am a little different, and every time you talk I learn.

P2: Back up the truck please fleas and take it easy.

P2: Telling jokes is as easy as jumping off a bridge. It’s like, once you get started there’s no turning back. And when you reach the end of the joke you fall flat on your face, or make somebody laugh.

It really was a challenge to get up in front of everybody – students, teachers, crew and it’s something that i would not have done! Delivering the lines was hard because the jokes weren’t great but I had to make them great. Tom later told me that Louise and I looked really professional and did a fantastic job (apparently better and more down-to-earth than the first show) and there was some great shots by the camera crew.
I received lots of praise for the presenting role, especially from teachers, and I’m really proud of actually getting up there, doing it, and then going from really nervous to completely pro within a space of minutes.
Totally incredible.

I love South Seas; was told that we are aways welcome to return and visit the school, which was fantastic.
So I’ll miss hanging out with my crew – Taylor, Jane & James; and hopefully we’ll all catch up in the future sometime.

Special Thanks Goes to:

  • Mr Moore, STAR at New Plymouth Boys’ High School
    Pulling the strings so I was able to come up to Auckland and learn in the finest film/tv training facility in New Zealand was amazing. Thank you SO MUCH for sending me to the course, I really do appricate it and had the best time training and learning about how the industry works. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was WORTH IT IN THE END! 😀
  • Dad
    For insisting that I needed to go, and pushing that little-bit extra so I was able to attend. Also, thanks for coming up for the whole week, cooking, cleaning, making lunches and picking me up! You make these trips, and my career, possible. So thank you very much, you’re onto a winner 😉

I’ll get sent all my work within a few weeks, and I’ll upload it here.
Tomorrow: I have a meeting at TelstraClear, before heading back to New Plymouth to prepare for my 16th.